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CNH (Central National Herbarium) is located at


Royal botanic garden is situated in


Five kingdom classified was given by


The keys are based on the contrasting characters generally in a pair called


In a taxonomic hierarchy, categories/taxa are arranged in


Which of the following is most important for speciation?


A genus with a single species is called


Two similar holotypes are called


Choose correct scientific name of mango.


A binomial nomenclature has


Assertion: Whittaker did not include unicellular green algae in protista.
Reason: Distinction between unicellular and multicellular organisms is not possible in case of algae.


NBRI is situated at


The term ‘neo-systematics’ was given by


A convenient way for easy identification of an organism by applying diagnostic contrasting characters is called


Natural system of classfication was given by


Assertion: The species is reproductively isolated natural population.
Reason: Prokaryotes cannot be kept under different species on the basis of reproductive isolation.


Reason of diversity in living being is


The head quarter of BSI (Botanical survey of India) is at


What is true for individuals of same species?


Taxon is a


A taxon with reference to classification of living organisms can be defined as


Gardens are meant for


The places where collection of dried, pressed plant specimens mounted on paper or placed in liquid representative are kept systematically


Category is


Classification based on sequencing of DNA and chemical nature of protein is


“Ordines Anomali” of Bentham and Hooker includes:


The institute which encourage publication of local flora in India is


In a scientific name, every name has 2 words – Genus and species.


Animal taxonomists have named the animals according to:


The relationship between comparable structures is called


A new nomenclatural type submitted when the original material is missing is known as


The recent branch of taxonomy is


Most names in biological nomenclature of living organisms are taken from which language?


Which one of the following animals is correctly matched with its particular named taxonomic category?


The first modern Botanical garden was


Taxon is


The category which includes related families is


Maximum diversity is seen amongst


National herbarium is that which contains plants of


Species are considered as


A group of interconnected genera is called


Assertion : Linnaeus system of animal classification is essentially an artificial system, yet it has become a natural system
Reason : Similarities forming the basis in Linnaeus system are indicative of genetic relationship.


Which of the following taxonomic ranks contains organisms most similar to one another?


Assertion: Taxon and category are same things.
Reason: Category shows hierarchical classification.


Static concept of species (nullae species novae i.e., no species new, it is immutable) was given by


In the classification of plants, the term cladistics refers to the


Of the following taxonomic categories which is the most inclusive (i.e., is the highest in the hierarchy)?


Phylogenetic classification is one which is based on


Five phyllogenetic system of classification was proposed by


Binomial epithet in binomial nomenclature is


Arrange the following in order of increasing group size, beginning with the smallest (i) family (ii) kingdom (iii) phylum/division (iv) genus (v) order (vi) class (vii) species.


The living organisms can be unexceptionally distinguished from the non-living things on the basis of their ability for


Which of the following is required as equivalent to subspecies of classical taxonomy?


Which of the following is less general in characters as compared to genus?


Indian Board for wild life was established in


Which of the following cannot be the criteria for grouping of plants / animals together?


What are Mule, Tigon, Liger, and Hinny?


The ascending or descending arrangement of taxonomic categories is called as


Which of the following categories is the most inclusive?


All plant and animals belonging to various phyla are assigned to the highest category called


Assertion: The hierarchy includes seven obligate categories.
Reason: Intermediate categories are used to make taxonomic positions more informative.


Arrange the following taxonomic categories in increasing number of common characteristics w.r.t. plant mango
A. Dicotyledonae
B. Polymoniales
C. Mangifera
D. Angiospermae
E. Anacardiaceae


A duplicate of nomenclature type is termed by a taxonomist as


The sorting out of identified and accessioned herbaria sheets family. Genus and species wise and their arrangement according to a standard system of classification are a step in making herbarium. This step is known as


The type specimen used by the author in the original publication is known as


The practical purpose of classification of living organisms is to


The study of the kind of life in outer space is known as:


The usage of binomial names, for plant species was accepted by all after the publication of the work by :


Which of the following is a category?


Select the false statement


The five kingdom classification of living organisms was proposed by


Study of number of chromosomes for resolving difficulties in classification is used in


Which one of the following is not a correct statement?


Which one of the following has least similar characters?


An animal with same generic, specific and subspecific names is


Which one of the following is not includes in taxonomical aids


Which of the following statement is not true?


The main objective of plant taxonomy is


The three phases of taxonomy (a, b, w) were recognised by


Who developed the key first for the identification of animals?


Which of the following is an automatically created name?


Identify from the following the only taxonomic category that has a real existence


All members of different species of plants and animals present in particular area make up


Which taxonomic category contains organisms belonging to same class but not to same family?


FRI is situated at


Botanical Gardens provide


The category which includes related families is


Mark the odd one in the following


The immense biological diversity (1.7 million species of living organisms -1.2 million animals and 0.5 million plants) that we see is the result of


In how many parts ICBN is divided


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