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Yeast poison themselves to death when the concentration of alcohol reaches about


Identify the given figure as well as alphabetically marked structures.


Find out the correct set of secondary metabolites which are toxins


Select the wrongly matched pair


When faeces are retained with in the rectum as bowel movement occur irregularly, it is called:-


How many of the following plants have didelphous and epiphyllous condition respectively


Statement I : Highly intensified secondary response is not elicited for passive immunity.
Statement II : Preformed antibodies are given during passive immunisation.


In the given four statements (A-D), select the options which includes all the correct ones:-
A) LNG-20 makes uterus unsuitable for implantation.
B) Rete testis, testis, epididymis are male accessory ducts.
C) Placenta is formed only by maternal tissues.
D) By the end of second month of pregnancy foetus develops limbs and digits.


The nerve cord of cockroach is


The pyramid obtained w.r.t. energy flow in the Tree ecosystem comprising Tree → Insects → Small birds → large birds is.


The hormone that helps in maintaining the normal rhythms, sleep wake cycle, body temperature is secreted by


Microbial bio control agent that can be introduced in order to control butterfly caterpillars is


The central body cavity of poriferans is called-


Triploblastic, Bilaterally symmetrical, Schizocoelomate, unsegmented animals are


The figures below show 3 phases of mitosis. Select the option giving correct identification together with the correct event


Elution is the technique of


α – 1 antitrypsin, synthesized by genetic engineering is used to treat :-


Which one of the following statements is true regarding digestion of food in human?


In which of the following fungi fruiting bodies act as site of reduction division leading to formation of endogenous haploid sexual spores.


Which of the following are membrane bound space found in the cytoplasm


Which points are not correct about angiotensin-II?
A) Decreases the glomerular blood pressure
B) Activates the adrenal cortex to release aldosterone
C) Powerful vasoconstrictor
D) Decreases the GFR and decreases the blood volume
E) Activates the J.G. cells to release rennin


Homology is exhibited by


Read the following statements w.r.t nutrient cycling and choose the correct option
i) The oceanic reservoir of carbon regulates the amount of CO2 in atmosphere.
ii) In phosphorous cycle atmospheric inputs through rainfall is very high.
iii) 4 x 1013kg of carbon is fixed annually by photosynthesis.


In Lac operon-


Immigration may contribute more significantly to population growth than birth rates if


During aerobic respiration all of these occur in the conversion of pyruvic acid into acetyl CoA except


Read the following (A-D) statements:-
A) Connective tissues are most abundant and widely distributed in the body of complex organism.
B) Connective tissue helps in linking and supporting other tissue or organs in the body.
C) Cartilage is a type of dense connective tissue.
D) Connective tissue does not secrete its matrix.
Choose the correct statements is:


Which joints allow considerable movements during locomotion


In hydrarch successon floating stage is followed by


Phloem tissue is composed of sieve tube cells, which form long columns with holes in their end walls called


If a mulatto man (AaBb) is married to a white woman (aabb) find the possible phenotypic ratio in their progeny . [w.r.t. skin colour in humans]


Diaphragms are contraceptive devices used by the females. Choose the correct option from the statements given below:-
a) They are introduced into the uterus
b) They are placed to cover the cervical region
c) They act as physical barrier for sperm entry
d) They mainly function as spermicidal agents
The correct options are:-


Study the Diagram and choose the option which includes all the incorrect ones:-


The karyotype of human ovum is n+1 due to non disjunction of 21st pair of chromosomes. If, it is fertilized by a normal sperm with ‘y’ chromosome, it develops into


Lamark’s view about organic evolution is based on


These are related to carbohydrate metabolism
A) Gluconeogenesis B) Glycogenolysis C) Reduced glucose uptake by the cells
D) Glycogenesis E) Enhanced uptake of glucose by cells F) Enhanced glucose utilization by cells

Choose which events occur due to the action of Glucagon


TCT is secreted during


In the human female, menstruation can be deferred by the administration of


Match the Columns (w.r.t pollengrain)

Column I Column II
(a) Vegetative cell (i) Abundant reserve food and irregular nucleus
(b) Germ pore (ii) Spindle shaped with dense cytoplasm
(c) Exine (iii) Where the sporopollenin is absent
(iv) Variable patterns of designs
(v) Continuous layer made of cellulose and pectin.

Solanum, Triticum and Panthera


Which of the following factors favour the formation of oxyhaemoglobin in lungs?


pBR322 has/have which of the following selection marker(s)


Vascular, cambium is completely secondary in origin


At the point of fusion of ilium, ischium and pubis, a cavity is formed, which is known as:-


Percent cover or Biomass is a more meaningful measure of population size with respect to this plant


When the infected female Anophelous mosquito bites a normal human being, the infective stages of Plasmodium to human first entered into his


Sporophyte is multicellular and not free living in


Necrosis or death of tissue, particularly leaf tissue is due to the difeciency of


The second most abundant formed element in human blood


In a medico-legal case of accidental interchange between two babies in a hospital, the baby of blood group ‘A’ could not be rightly given to a couple:-


Which of the following essential elements of plants is needed in amount less than 10mmole kg-1 of dry matter?


Given below are two statements (A-B). Select the option which correctly fills up the blank:-
A) …. (i) … is a condition of accumulation of urea in blood which is highly harmful and may lead to kidney failure
B) Ultimate method in correction of acute renal failures is ….(ii)…


Avena curvature test is suitable bio assay test for


How many of the given statements are concerned with respect to vascular cryptogams of the plant kingdom
i) PEN formation
ii) Free living gametophyte
iii) Presence of mostly heterosporous genera
iv) Flagellated male gametes
v) Macrophylls as in Selaginella


In mammalian ear, a membranous structure which separate the scala media and scala tympani is:-


Which of the following hormone causes fruits of apple to elongate and improve its shape


Asexual reproduction is the


The core of eukaryotic flagellum is


Which of the following is common in Chelone, Calotes, Naja and Bungarus?


Choose the incorrect statement for given diagram


Delivery of developed foetus is scientifically called as


Select the correct match w.r.t. function of cell organelles

Column I Column II
a. Protein synthesis i) Glyoxy somes
b. Gluconeogenesis ii) Cytoskeleton
c. RubisCO activity iii) Palade particles
d. Maintenance of shape of cell iv) Chloroplast

The immediate adverse effects of drugs and alcohol abuse are manifested in the form of


Choose the correct one


The ecological relationship between Barnacle and whale is same as that


Transcription and Translation are coupled with each other in


How many sperms are formed by one primary spematocyte?


Find odd one out with respect to life cycle pattern


Embryo sac of most angiosperms


In r-DNA technology after restriction digestion the DNA fragments can be prevented from self ligation by treating with


Match the items given in Column A and Column B

Column A Column B
1) Catalytic converter a) Solid waste
2) Electrostatic precipitator b) High noise level
3) Earmuffs c) Particulate matter
4) Land fills d) Carbon monoxide & Nitrogen oxide

The technique of growing plants in a nutrient solution, in complete absence of soil is called


Electron transport system (ETS) consisting of cytochromes in plants occurs in


Select odd one our w.r.t hydrophily


Axillary buds develop into slender and spirally coiled structure and help plants to climb as in:-


Which is the incorrect statement for areolar connective tissue?


Observe the pedigree chart given below

What is the genotype of II(3):-


In the following statements choose wrong options:-
a) Wasp laying egg in fig fruit is an example of mutual relationship.
b) Mycorrhiza is an example of ectoparasitism
c) Physiological ecology is ecology at organisms level
d) Competitive exclusion principle was given by Connell


Find the correct statement w.r.t secondary succession


Which one is not required in success of kidney transplantation?


Menstrual cycle become irregular and simple Goitre are due to


At which stage of meiosis do these events occur:-

Bivalents more clearly visible Formation of synaptonemal complex Terminalisation of chiasmata
1) Leptotene Zygotene Pachytene
2) Pachytene Zygotene Diakinesis
3) Zygotene Pachytene Diplotene
4) Diplotene Diakenesis Pachytene

Archaebacteria present in the gut of several ruminants


Read the following statements and choose the correct option
A) Drupe of coconut has a fibrous mesocarp.
B) Indigofera is a dye yielding plant of Fabaceae.


F1(heterozygous organism) does not resemble a single parent in which of the following characters


Statement I : Male honeybees do not have father and cannot have sons.
Statement II: In haplo-diploidy sex determination method of honeybees, male and female organisms are diploid, their gametes are haploid and their zygotes are diploid


In C4 plants, C3 cycle/Calvin cycle occur in bundle sheath cells because


High aspartic acid, low nitrogen and sugar content in maize leads to resistance in maize against


Choose incorrect statement about axoplasm close to axonal membrane


Which of the following statement is incorrect?


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